Pench National Park
Pench National Park
Pench National Park
Pench National Park
Pench National Park
Pench National Park
Pench National Park
Pench National Park

Pench National Park

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Pench National park, nestling in the minor southern reaches of the Satpuda hills is named after Pench river, winding through the park from north to south. It is situated on the southern periphery of Madhya Pradesh, bordering Maharashtra, in the states of Seoni and Chhindwara .In Pench, Sambar, Cheetal, Nilgai are usually seen grazing on the free land on roadsides and river banks & reservoir. Jackals are also seen in the park, which are in search of their food.


A group of 15 wild dogs can be seen along Chhedia, Pyorthadi, Jamtara and Bodanala areas of the Reserve. Herds of gaur can be marked near streams and bamboo patches regularly in summer months. Sloth beer occupies hilly, stony out crops and favor mahul bel polluted forest. Chinkara are rarely present and are mostly found near the open areas around Turia, Telia and Dudhgaon villages.


 As per the physical structure and the study so far, the forest is found to be of Southern tropical dry deciduous teak and southern tropical mixed deciduous forest with other species of trees, climbers and shrubs.

Location Seoni, Madhya Pradesh, India
Nearest Rail Head Seoni
Nearest Airport Nagpur
Area 758 sq. km (Combining Core and buffer forest)
Vegetation Tropical moist deciduous, dry deciduous and grassy meadows
Established 1983
Major Wildlife Attractions Bengal Tiger, Sloth Bear, Leopard, Wild boar, Chital
Best Time to visit November to May
Timezone Asia/Kolkata

Pench National Park Safari Itineraries

Here are some hand picked Pench National Park Safari itineraries which offer maximum wildlife safari experience.

3 Days Pench Tiger Safari

Duration: 3 Days & 2 Nights

Starting from: INR 15,900 Onward

A 3 Days Tiger Safari in Pench National Park which conjures up images of Mowgli, Bagheera and the "bear necessities". Immortalised by Rudyard Kipling in The Jungle Book, it is still sometimes unfairly given the step-sibling treatment next to Bandhavgarh. When, in fact, the Pench river meandering through its entire stretch, along with the open hilly terrain, teak forests and jungle streams form a heart-stoppingly beautiful landscape. A landscap...

Destinations Covered: Pench National Park

4 Days Pench Tiger Safari

Duration: 4 Days & 3 Nights

Starting from: INR 25,300 Onward

A 4 Days Safari in Pench National Park also known as Indira Gandhi National Park is known for large population of chital and sambhar and has the highest density of herbivores in India. This is famous for large heards of gaur, nilgai and wild dog. The tiger, leopard, barking deer and chinkara found in large numbers along with over 285 species of resident and migratory birds. The area of the present tiger reserve has a glo...

Destinations Covered: Pench National Park

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