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Your journey into the wilderness has never been more spectacular and breathtaking.
The Earth Safari is a safari company based in New Delhi, India organizing tailor-made and group safaris in India and Africa.

Come join us at The Earth Safari for the most enthralling experience of a lifetime, a journey in which you will experience the wonders of nature in all its glory. Along with exploring the wonders of Indian wildlife, taste the exotic thrills of African Wildlife safaris as well. Luxury safari tours will give you a whole new perspective on the wonders of nature. Come experience the most breathtaking scenery and wildlife in India and Africa with our luxury safari tours. Every whim and fancy will be catered to, in order to provide you with a memorable adventure in the wilderness of India and Africa. Always dreamt of taking in a panoramic view of the wildlife and scenic views of African savannah in a hot air balloon, or wished to take a private luxury safari in to spot the Magical Tiger in the dense Indian Jungles? We at The Earth Safari can make it possible. Luxury takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to wildlife safaris with The Earth Safari.

The Earth Safari is the product of the creative genius - Saran Vaid who is a renowned Natural History Photographer, Explorer and a Wildlife Expert. Saran is known for his stunning photography of wildlife in their natural habitat. His own love for travelling to various wildlife reserves around the world has resulted in the development of The Earth Safari. His love for wildlife is evident in the brilliant images that he captures of wild cats, birds and other mammals in their element. From his spectacular photography of magnificent tigers in the wild to the fleeting images of birds in motion, his passion for wildlife has been represented in several coffee table books, journals, newspapers and cover pages of various magazines. His work can be seen at www.saranvaid.com. It is this very passion that inspires The Earth Safari to provide the best safari tours in India as well as Africa.

Saran is the Director at The Earth Safari and he can be reached at [email protected].

Our handpicked team at The Earth Safari will be able to provide you with the best information about the Indian as well as the African habitat and wildlife, banking on their years of experience and vast expertise. Based on countless hours of research, the best locations for viewing destinations of natural history as well as the finest possible views of the wildlife have been carefully mapped out in order to provide you with memories of the Indian and African wildlife and cultural experiences that will last a lifetime. Our experienced staff, be it the guides, trackers, rangers or the drivers, will make your safari experience an adventure to remember.

Their passion for wildlife clearly comes across in the knowledge that they share about animals, birds, plants as well as the ecology as a whole in order to provide guests with the best and most well informed wildlife safari experience. Keeping in mind the kind of setting and wildlife that needs to be captured by wildlife photographers, we at The Earth Safari have arranged for wildlife tours for world famous wildlife photographers in the past and they have come away with the most spectacular photographs in their portfolios. Along with the remarkable wildlife, we will take you on amazing adventures so that you can experience the diverse cultural intricacies of the Indian wildlife safari as well as familiarize yourself with the famous African hospitality and their unique wildlife.

Rejuvenate your senses and be amazed by the true beauty and marvel of nature at its best. An encounter with The Earth Safari will provide you with the opportunity to become one with nature and experience firsthand what it is like to have your breath taken away at the very spectacle of wildlife at its best. The care and attention taken to provide the best luxury wildlife safari ensures that wildlife lovers of all ages will have their imaginations captured at the living wonder of nature. Embark on this amazing journey with us and we assure you that this journey into the wilderness with The Earth Safari will be one that you never forget.

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