Tanzania Safari Tours with Serengeti Safari

One of the places that guarantee extreme fun in a Tanzania safari tours is Serengeti. Known for earning its place on the global map as home to the Great Migration; one of the Seven Wonders of the World, this park attracts multitudes of tourists all year round because even when the migration is not taking place there are still a number of other things to watch and do in a Serengeti safari. Ranging from the big number of game to the vastness of the Serengeti itself, this park guarantees that a visitor of any interest can have enough and endless fun whichever time he or she chooses to visit. Here are some of the major highlights of a Serengeti Safari.

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The Great Migration

This is usually the highlight of the park each year. Large herds of wilder beasts and zebras move in a clockwise direction throughout the 30,000 square kilometers plains. The biggest herd of them all is the 2 million wilder beasts, followed by 300,000 zebras. In the migration, one is able to witness the prey and predator ecosystem as lions, crocodiles and other predator animal’s prey on the migrating herds. The most spectacular moment of the migration is when the animals cross the Mara River to and from Kenya. This happens between mid July and mid November. For a visitor who wishes to enjoy this great event, the Mara River is usually the most ideal place since the animals are in slower motion and there is a lot of preying at this point.

The Seronera River Valley

This is the central par of the Serengeti Park. It consists of a number of river valleys that form a network that never dries all year round. They usually provide game animals with water through all the seasons. This usually ensures that at any given time of the year, there is a high concentration of animals of all species as this is their central water source. There are many viewing points availed by the high number of camps.

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The Northern Serengeti

For a lover of an extended Serengeti Safari, the Northern part of the park is ideal. Areas such as the Kogatende are a whole 10 hours drive from Seronera. Described as the “ultimate paradise” for a safari, this region plays host to the Great Migration in the months of July and August. The long distance and frequently heavy traffic to and from the region usually make it a slower journey that comes with the benefits of viewing more game on the way. For those who have the means, aerial views are usually the best as one can view a larger area of the migration.

Accommodation and Lodges

Accommodation should be the least of worries for a person on a Serengeti Safari. Within the park, there are many hotels and lodges distributed such that one can book or check into any one that is convenient enough for their destination. Ranging from camps to lodges to mobile canvases, the accommodation offered is designed to provide the best comfort possible for a visitor of any type of interest.