Safari Code of Conduct

You are entering a Jungle which rightfully belongs to the Nature and which has seen minimal disturbance by Man. In order to preserve the sanctity of this environment, The Earth Safari Team request you to follow these basic Code of Conduct while in the National Park and game Reserves.


General Conduct:
  • Wildlife always has right of way.
  • Wear some kind of dull colors like green or gray clothing. Bright clothes (White & Red) are inadvisable.
  • Use toilets at authorized place only.
  • Do not get down of the Safari vehicle at any time during the Safari.
  • Do not smoke while on a Safari.
  • Take strict precautions to guard against accidental fires caused through carelessness.
  • Be quiet and considerate when viewing wildlife, keep a sensible distance away and ask your driver to switch off the engine.
  • Approaching too closely will disturb them. Do not stand up when you are close to tigers - a large animal might see it as a threat and may be provoked to strike back.
  • Be sensitive to wildlife. Radio, loud noise or shrill phone calls do not belong in a nature reserve. This is the home of the wildlife - you are only a visitor!
  • Spotlights can be disturbing to wildlife so use them sensitively and responsibly. Do not shine directly into the eyes for any length of time and red filters are encouraged.
  • Flash photography is prohibited in the park.
  • Please do not damage or remove any flora or fauna, including stones, bones and plants.
  • Do not throw trash, litter, peels of fruits etc.
  • Animals are generally shy and tend to hide when they see a human being. Please do not attempt to lure them out by throwing stones or other objects. Leave them in peace.
  • Do not block their line of travel or escape routes.
  • Do not wear perfumes or any other strong smelling substances. The animals are sensitive to smell and it may arouse their curiosity.
  • Use of mobile phones during game drives or when driving is discouraged.
  • Carrying of firearms of any kind is not allowed and also illegal on a Safari.
  • You can play an important role in the conservation of the park by giving your valuable suggestions and recommendations. You should report errant drivers or if you see people violating the rules of the park. Sightings of poachers should also be reported to the Field Director of the Game Reserve.
  • You should not deviate from the allotted routes or leave the road and drive cross- country, enter without proper tickets, enter before sunrise or stay after sunset.
  • Follow and abide to Game Reserve’s safari timings.


  • Observe the maximum speed limit indicated by the Game Reserve Authorities.
  • Wildlife surrounded by vehicles is unpleasant and can cause distress to the animals. Be considerate of other vehicle waiting to view wildlife, avoid monopolization.
  • Driving “off-road” is not allowed, except under exceptional circumstances.
  • Do not get out of the vehicle at any time during the Safari. It can be disturbing for the wildlife and dangerous for your own safety.
  • Unless game has approached the vehicle the distance that a vehicle should keep from game is minimum 20 meters.
  • Vehicles should have subdued shades like green or brown when inside the game reserve.
  • Never feed wildlife from your car, in the wild. It will upset their diet and lead to unnecessary dependence on people and possibly eventual harm to the animal.

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