Indian Group Safaris
Interested in Joining a Group of Likeminded Travelers?

The Earth Safari group safaris trip some of the most excellent safari destinations in India and give you an opportunity to tour with a group of individuals who can share your enthusiasm for India.

The safaris will more often than not comprise of lodgings or camps along the way where the entire group will camp as well as dine together each and every day.

If you are an inexperienced tourist or haven't been on a safari previously then the benefit of a group tour will be there as you would be immediately put at ease by fellow tourists in the same situation as yours and having an experienced travel guide which can help you feel a lot more secure. You will quickly discover you have things in common with all the other members of the group along with that you can do further activities with various other people like if you wish to go and watch the sunset, or visit the National wildlife Parks but don't feel like doing it on your own.

There are various benefits of a group tour firstly; India group safari packages are normally inexpensive whenever compared with having your very own custom wildlife safari tour. It would also allow you to indulge into better relationships with many other holidaymakers as you can spend several days and nights together.

India group safari is where there are specific departure dates, and it requires a minimum number of tourists, and you can join all the other guests for numerous days.

India Group Safari Itineraries

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